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Digital Marketing

The 21st century has seen the emancipation of digital marketing as a great tool for communication for many businesses.

This has been as a result of the high level of patronage/ usage by the everyday people in their daily lives. Social media, a subset of digital marketing is currently the most efficient, simplest and fastest way of interacting with people daily. It is not surprising therefore that most businesses have also begun to resort to this strategy and less of traditional media. Unlike traditional media, social media helps to employ a variety of strategies to communicate to the desired audience and hence sell your product, brand or service to them. Social media marketing, again comes at a very moderate cost which is far lesser than traditional media and also gives the widest reach as desired by the user. Consequently, it is a great return on investment (ROI) that businesses need to take advantage of. However, there is the need to properly plan and manage these platforms in order to enjoy their full benefits and this is where we come in. Our very strong comprehensive and strategic approach coupled with a vibrant team of SOCIAL INFLUENCERS enables us execute this business activity for our clients efficiently.

Digital Marketing

iMedia - Interactive Social Media Team

imedia is the digital marketing brand of Twitchouse Marketing and simply means… interactive social media team.

community managers and community influencers

imedia comprises of a team of community managers and community influencers. These influencers are people who have many followings and influence on social media such that any activity they engage in creates the optimum exposure for the brand, individual or organization we work with. We manage digital platforms for companies like MTN Ghana, Electroland Ghana, Isaac Dogboe the boxer, Samvoch Global Ltd, among others. Contact us for a comprehensive and detailed outline of our digital marketing strategy and costing.
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